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The Story Of...Ella Fitzgerald

When making a list of the 20th century's greatest singers, the name of Ella Fitzgerald will inevitably be added to it. No jazz singer - including the incomparable Billie Holiday - was ever adored with more passion by both hardcore fans and the general public than Ella, whose sweet, silvery voice and endlessly inventive vocal improvisations made her the most celebrated jazz singer of her time.

She was awarded the title of 'First Lady of Song' and earned the unqualified admiration of most of her peers. Musicians from Bing Crosby to Benny Goodman, when asked to name their favourite singer, cited Ella Fitzgerald.

"Man, woman or child, Ella is the greatest," Crosby once said. Mel Torme hailed her as having "the best ear of any singer ever." Her perfect technique, her beautifully sweet sound, her remarkable inventiveness...they all contributed to her immutable creative strength and enduring popularity. 

TSO...Ella Fitzgerald
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